Useful links

SP1 – ICSM’s Standard for the Australian Survey Control Network Special Publication 1 (SP1).

AGRS – The Australian Geospatial Reference System – ICSM’s general overview about national geodesy and datums.

AGRS webinars – ICSM’s source for webinars on AGRS.

Geodesy – Geoscience Australia’s source for a national perspective on geodesy, GNSS and related activities.

AUSPOS – Geoscience Australia’s online GPS processing service.

GDA2020 – ICSM’s source for all you need to know about GDA2020.

ATRF – ICSM’s source for all you need to know about the Australian Terrestrial Reference Frame.

AHD – ICSM’s source for information on the Australian Height Datum.

AUSGeoid2020 – Geoscience Australia’s source for all you need to know about the latest Australian quasigeoid model.

AUSGeoid online calculator – Geoscience Australia’s web application to perform AUSGeoid computations using AUSGeoid98, AUSGeoid09 and AUSGeoid2020.

AGRF – Geoscience Australia’s online calculator to determine the current magnetic declination at any location using the Australian Geomagnetic Referenece Field.

Fundamentals of Mapping – ICSM’s comprehensive general overview to maps and the mapping process, with particular regard to Australia and New Zealand.

IGS – website of the International GNSS Service.

ITRF – website of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame.

NAVCEN – the Navigation Center operated by the U.S. Coast Guard as a point of contact for civil GPS users.

NGS Antenna Calibrations – the U.S. National Geodetic Survey’s GPS antenna calibration site.

Exploring GPS (PDF 2.7 MB) – Spatial Services’ own, widely acclaimed, easy-to-read publication about GPS.

GNSS Publications – Spatial Services’ publications dealing with geodesy, GNSS, CORS and related topics.

Surveying Publications – Surveyor-General’s Directions and Spatial Services’ publications dealing with surveying related topics.