Spatial Services is undertaking innovative projects based on the Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF) to streamline government processes in terms of planning, design and modelling for NSW’s future needs. Key priority projects include:

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Whole of

Digital Twin


Digital Twin: involves transforming our foundation spatial data from two-dimensions to three and four-dimensions. The data will be available as a digital representation of the real world which can be used to facilitate better planning, design and modelling for NSW’s future needs.

Whole of Government Data Sharing Platform: delivery of a comprehensive data platform for Open Data (available to all) and Shared Data (restricted to approved users based on confidentiality, security or privacy).

Whole of Government Addressing: the roll out and use of the authoritative NSW Address Database for address verification throughout NSW Government agencies via NSW Point.

GDA2020: to account for Australia’s tectonic plate movement, approximately 7 cm to the north-east annually, GDA2020 will bring Australian coordinates back in line with global satellite positioning systems, and support nationally consistent positioning of the highest accuracy. Adopting GDA2020 is just the first step in Australia’s datum modernisation program; the Australian Geospatial Reference System, when fully implemented, will provide all users with the required framework to accurately determine and communicate position and height, while appropriately accounting for the dynamics of our changing planet.

Historical Aerial Photography Enhancement Project: utilises the state’s 70-year repository of aerial photography to create a 3D digital database to understand how the NSW landscape has altered over this period and to preserve the state’s repository of archival records.

Cadastre NSW: a service for Local Government Authorities (LGAs) to capture and visualise the progress of subdivision developments across NSW and increase efficiencies for planning and land development while providing access to intelligent digital property data.

Survey Plan Digitisation Project: digitisation of hard copy survey and strata plans into LandXML and GeoPackage formats. The digitisation of this data significantly reduces duplication and handling of data.