The natural environment

Spatial Services is custodian of the Imagery, Elevation & Depth and Water themes of the NSW Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF) as well as co-custodians of the Land Cover theme. This includes managing the collection, storage, maintenance and product development in line with customer requirements, NSW and national policies, initiatives and guidelines.

The Environmental Spatial Program consists of the following four work programs:

  • Elevation and depth: sourcing, capture and creation of airborne LiDAR products
  • Water: sourcing, creation and maintenance of surface hydrology datasets.
  • Imagery: sourcing, capture and creation of airborne imagery products
  • Smart State: sourcing, capture and creation of 3D reality mesh products

Spatial Services also manages the Remote Sensing Services and Equipment (ReSSE) Prequalification Scheme. This scheme is available to all NSW Government agencies for the procurement of spatial data, remote sensing equipment, surveying equipment and consulting services. This also includes a coordination role for NSW Government imagery and elevation purchasing. For further information contact

Spatial Services is currently working towards improving the natural environment datasets by:

  • Creating datasets for the Digital Twin project
  • NSW whole of government satellite imagery subscription acquisition to enable better analysis and planning for government
  • Development of new tools for building extraction, imagery quality assurance and regeneration of surface hydrology datasets for NSW.