Policy and Guidelines

Policies and guidelines ensure best practices and compliance with set standards in order to delivery consistent products and services.

Information Sheets

Authoritative land and spatial data enables the community, business and government to derive maximum benefit from land and property, as well as to generate economic growth and prosperity. Spatial Services' integrated framework connects the people of NSW to a comprehensive package of land and property services including property information, surveying and mapping. Spatial Services provides products and services to individuals, businesses, government agencies and non-profit organisations throughout NSW, Australia and internationally.

Key initiatives include:

  • Sourcing information from organisations and individuals to compile maps, databases and information.
  • Making information available to the public and organisations for land management purposes, state economic and social development; as well as for planning and providing government services to the community, including event and emergency management.

Spatial Services products and services include: topographic points of interest, addressing standards and data, digital cadastral data, imagery and elevation data as well as SCIMS Online. This data is viewable and available via our portal

GNSS publications

A list of our technical papers that have been published in journals and professional magazines or presented at conferences.

Surveying publications

Current and historical instructions and guides, guidelines, directions, regulations and technical papers to help understand surveying, and the objects and records associated with it.