The Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) website on GDA2020 and the Australian Geospatial Reference System (AGRS) provides Webinars, FAQS, FactSheet and a Forum to support datum moderation in Australia. 

Under direction from the Surveyor-General, Spatial Services plays a vital role in supporting the survey industry in New South Wales by:

  • Participating in and contributing to national geodesy to define the national datum and geodetic control standards.
  • Extending, improving and maintaining the official State Control Survey Network.

Spatial Services implements and monitors standards for the survey industry in NSW. It does this by review and update of the Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2017 and Surveyor-General’s Directions and also conducts examination surveys in known areas of unreliable survey data and audit surveys of recently lodged plans. The Surveyor-General is also a verifying authority for length in NSW.

An essential tool for surveyors is the State Control Survey Network, which is available to users online. A comprehensive network of permanent survey marks with known latitude, longitude and height, the State Control Survey Network provides certainty and confidence when determining property boundaries and during the construction of public infrastructure. In order to manage the State Control Survey Network, an approved datum for all positions (currently GDA2020) and heights (currently AHD71) is required.

Spatial Services owns and operates CORSnet-NSW, a network of permanent satellite-tracking stations situated throughout the State that enables surveyors and users to utilise modern surveying technologies to accurately determine position. CORSnet-NSW enables the guidance of machinery used in construction, mining and agriculture, achieving greater efficiencies. CORSnet-NSW supports scientific research and industrial innovation across many sectors. CORSnet-NSW contributes directly to the Asia-Pacific Reference Frame which is used to define the national datum.


Spatial Services provides support to the surveying and spatial information profession and community through provision of these online information services:

  • CORSnet-NSW is a network of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS). This network of permanent Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) stations enables subscribers to obtain precise positioning across NSW.
  • SCIMS Online contains coordinates and related information for survey marks established under the direction of the Surveyor-General and is maintained for the purposes of cadastral boundary definition, engineering surveys, mapping and a variety of other spatial applications. Access to SCIMS Online is via the Spatial Services Portal.
  • Surveyor-General’s Directions provide guidelines and help interpret the regulations for surveying practice.

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Refer to the Survey Services information sheet (PDF 972.4 KB).

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