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Surveying publications

The importance of surveying, exploring and land administration in New South Wales led to the issue of various instructions, regulations and guidance to surveyors. These documents are of great use in interpreting old survey plans and historical records as they allow us to understand the documentation which surveyors created while undertaking their work.

Here is a selection of current and historical instructions and guides, guidelines, directions, regulations and technical papers to help you understand surveying, and the objects and records associated with it.

All surveying publications are published as PDFs and will open in new windows. Publications related to GNSS and CORS are available under GNSS Publications.

Surveyor General's Directions

Current Surveyor General's Directions. The Surveyor General's Directions provides information about survey practice in New South Wales.

Technical papers

A list of our technical papers that have been published in journals and professional magazines or presented at conferences.

Current documents

A selection of current instructions and guides, guidelines, and regulations

Historical survey documents

Historical survey documents

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