Topographic Maps

Topographic maps are a detailed graphic representation of the earth’s surface features such as contours, waterways, roads, buildings, place names, points of interest, vegetation, selected administrative boundaries and more.

These maps are widely used across the community from bush walking and recreational purposes through to planning and development and are an essential tool for emergency services during disaster management and recovery. 

Spatial Services provides open access to reliable accurate topographic maps via our online services.

Topographic GeoPDF Maps

The Georeferenced PDF (GeoPDF) Topographic Map Series is a series of auto-generated topographic maps of NSW in a layered GeoPDF format. These maps are generated from a combination of datasets as outlined in Spatial Service’s Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF). The GeoPDF Topographic Map Series have auto generated text placement and provides updated production dates. The GeoPDF Topographic Map Series is updated annually and is ideal for use in GPS systems, smart phones and tablets or upload into your preferred app.

Transition to fully digitise by 2021

In September 2018, Spatial Services announced the rationalisation of the printed topographic maps as we move to digitise our products, with the entire printed series to be retired by the end of 2020. Until this time, a decreasing range of printed topographic maps will still be available from the Spatial Collaboration Portal (SCP). The Spatial Map Viewer within the SCP is continually updated to provide details of which printed topographic map titles remain available. The entire NSW collection is available as a free download as GeoPDF, with the viewer showing maps highlighted in green also available as a printed map until 2021.

Map purchases are made by entering details at the register icon and making online payment. 

The individual folded maps are 1135mm x 580mm size Map scales are typically 1:25,000 in the eastern region, 1:50,000 in the central region and 1:100,000 in the western region.

Spatial Services offers the Topographic GeoPDF Maps as a Free Download from the Spatial Collaboration Portal

To download Topographic GeoPDF Maps: 

  • Access the Spatial Map Viewer on the Spatial Collaboration Portal 
  • Select the GeoPDF Download layer from the Layer List Widget 
  • Search for, then click on, an address or place 
  • Open the map preview by clicking the image 
  • Download and save PDF 

Licensed under Creative Commons 4.0, customers are permitted to print their own hard copy of the Topographic GeoPDF Map. The 2020 release will include a Creative Commons licence and removal of the reference: “No part of this map may be reproduced without written permission”. Until the new release GeoPDF becomes available, Spatial Services hereby provides approval to distribute our existing 2017 GeoPDF under creative commons licencing. This authorisation permits the share, copy and redistribution of the GeoPDF product. All users must always attribute Spatial Services as the creator of the material. Please refer to the following link for additional information:  

If you have any enquires please contact us.