Surveying services

Under direction from the Surveyor-General, Spatial Services plays a vital role in supporting the surveying and spatial information community in NSW.

Our staff work on a diverse range of activities such as:

  • delivering information about one of the 250,000 survey control marks across the State
  • extending and maintaining the NSW State Control Survey Network
  • undertaking surveying to improve the Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB), which is available in SCIMS Online through the Spatial Services portal and utilised by both State and Local governments
  • providing mapping control over NSW for aerial imagery capture and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) remote sensing
  • using drones to digitally capture mapping information of essential telecommunications tower infrastructure for NSW
  • preserving the NSW State Control Survey marks and the cadastral fabric through the Preservation of Survey Infrastructure process
  • writing legislation, directions and guidelines for best practice standards related to a variety of survey activities
  • realising the geodetic datum for NSW on a constantly moving continent

This diverse range of tasks making up the survey program is described by these broad activities:

The pages and links on this site are intended to provide useful information about surveying, coordinate systems, map datums, trig stations, regulations and more. For more information, download the Survey Services information sheet (PDF 972.4 KB).

For information about survey marks download the Protecting Survey Marks information sheet (PDF 364.8 KB).

If you want to know more about GPS/GNSS, refer to our widely acclaimed publication Exploring GPS (PDF 2.7 MB) and our other GNSS Publications.