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Surveying services

Under direction from the Surveyor-General, Spatial Services – Department of Finance, Services and Innovation plays a vital role in supporting the surveying and spatial community in NSW.

On any one day, our staff may be:

  • providing the answer to geography students who ask 'where is the centre of NSW ?'
  • delivering information about one of the 223,000 survey control marks across the State
  • helping a 'baby boomer' set up their new GPS
  • standing in the Supreme Court or Land and Environment Court of NSW as the expert witness in a boundary dispute
  • explaining why a compass points to a different north than the lines on a map
  • writing legislation, directions or guidelines for a variety of survey activity
  • mixing concrete or piling rocks to build trig stations
  • pondering what we do about the whole Australian continent moving north-east by 7cm a year.

This diverse range of tasks making up the survey program is described by three broad activities:

  • Survey Information
  • Geodesy

The pages and links on this site are intended to provide useful information about surveying, coordinate systems, map datums, trig stations, regulations and more. For more information download the Survey Services information sheet (PDF 975.2 KB).

For information about survey marks download the Protecting survey marks information sheet (PDF ).

If you need to know about GPS, look at our widely acclaimed publication Exploring GPS (PDF 2.7 MB).

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