Products and Services

Spatial Services is responsible for the collection, maintenance and distribution of the Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF) which consists of 10 broad data themes. The FSDF is an Australia New Zealand standard endorsed by all state and territory governments and the Australian and New Zealand governments.

These data themes bring together significant NSW spatial data covering:

  • Land Parcel and Property
  • Transport
  • Administrative Boundaries
  • Geocoded Address
  • Imagery
  • Elevation and Depth
  • Water
  • Land Cover
  • Place Names
  • Positioning.

Spatial data is a critical component of the NSW economy and is relied upon by government, industry and the community to provide environmental management and strategic planning which enables decision making for economic growth. The provision of a state-wide FSDF ensures the seamless exchange of single source of truth spatial data.

Under the NSW Government Open Data Policy, spatial data is made available, under open access licenses, to support new and innovative uses of NSW Government information. To achieve this, many products and services are now available to download free from our Spatial Collaboration Portal.

Spatial Services’ business units contribute to the customer service, collection, development, design, storage, management and distribution of the NSW landscape, this includes:

  • Survey Operations
  • Cadastral Spatial Programs
  • Administrative Programs
  • Environmental Spatial Programs
  • Geographical Names Board
  • Service Delivery
  • Business Support and Technology
  • Strategy and Architecture
  • Digital Services
  • Executive, Project and Administrative teams

To access the wealth of data available, use the free viewing and download service available at Spatial Collaboration Portal.

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