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Current documents

A selection of current instructions and guides, guidelines, and regulations.

Cadastre NSW Stakeholder Analysis Report (PDF 3.4 MB)

This report commissioned by LPI, documents the ‘as-is’ state for cadastral and related information in NSW. It highlights the major issues identified by all stakeholders and the potential benefits of addressing them.

Single Land Cadastre NSW - Summary Outcomes Report (PDF 1.4 MB)

The Cadastre NSW Working Group has released this Cadastre NSW vision and roadmap report, endorsed by NSW Location Leadership Group.

Guidelines for redefining QLD NSW border (PDF 545.6 KB)

The purpose of this document, published in 2001, is to provide guidance and advice to cadastral surveyors for defining the position of the border between QLD and NSW.

Guidelines for state border determination NSW VIC (PDF 3.2 MB)

The aim of the, 2001 edition 3, guidelines is to bring some consistency into determinations of NSW/VIC boundaries made in individual surveys, by providing information on past legislation and legal precedents which have been used in previous determinations.

Audit survey procedures (PDF 237.2 KB)

Plans may be audited either before or after registration.

Survey Information & Systems 2017/18 fees Circular (PDF 91.1 KB)

Survey Information & Systems 2017/18 fees Circular

Survey Information & Systems 2018 Fees Circular (PDF 190.0 KB)

Survey Information & Systems 2018 Fees Circular

CoD Post Implemenetation Report (PDF 1.0 MB)

Capture-on-Demand Post Implementation Report

GDA2020 SCIMS upgrade flyer (PDF 992.9 KB)

GDA2020 SCIMS upgrade flyer A4 v5

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