Policies and Guidelines

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NSW Custodian Guidelines - Under Review (PDF 450.5 KB)
Updated 16 Aug 2022

These Guidelines have been produced to support the NSW Data and Information Custodianship Policy. They address specific issues related to the implementation of custodianship principals for spatial data.

NSW Foundational Spatial Data Framework - Under Review (PDF 3.8 MB)
Updated 13 Oct 2022

NSW GDA2020 and AGRS Implementation Policy (PDF 982.9 KB)
Updated 24 Dec 2021

NSW Spatial Data Infrastructure Roadmap (PDF 3.4 MB)
Updated 12 Oct 2018

The purpose of this report is to bring clarity to the scope and objectives of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for NSW and provide a roadmap of activities that will raise the level of SDI maturity across government and industry to the benefit of the economy, community and the environment.

NSW Standard for Spatially Enabling Information - Under Review (PDF 682.5 KB)
Updated 16 Aug 2022

This standard is issued by the NSW ICT and Digital Leadership Group (IDLG) in accordance with the NSW Government ICT Strategy. The purpose of this document is to establish the standards for spatially enabling NSW Government data and information.