Remote Sensing Services and Equipment Prequalification Scheme

If you have any projects requiring ReSSE Scheme expenditure for the 2023/24 financial year, we recommend you commence before March to have the best chance for project completion before the end of June.

We will continue to take on projects as requested. However, based on our experiences from last year, large or complex projects initiated from the start of March onwards are unlikely to be completed within the financial year. If you would like assistance with a project, or have any questions regarding the scheme, please reach out to

Managed by DCS Spatial Services, the Remote Sensing Services and Equipment (ReSSE) Prequalification Scheme was established in 2018 to help improve the procurement workflow of imagery and elevation data acquisition through the private sector, as well as additional services across NSW Government.

The ReSSE scheme forms part of a larger digital innovation of government processes which is founded on geospatial data supply and delivery through the Live NSW program. The scheme ensures NSW government agencies have access to a full and comprehensive range of imagery and elevation data with the aim of slashing red tape and provisioning the discoverability of already procured spatial imagery and elevation data to reduce NSW government spending.

NSW Government agencies

DCS Spatial Services ReSSE team provides comprehensive support, advice and technical expertise and opens the door for NSW government agencies to access a full and comprehensive range of spatial imagery and elevation data.

The ReSSE team can also act on behalf of the agency or assist in developing data specifications, managing the request for tender, preparing contracts, evaluating and selecting a prequalified supplier and providing quality assurance, creating greater value for the public sector.

For buyer information please visit Buy.NSW

Prequalified suppliers

ReSSE extends opportunities for market-leading private enterprise to do business with NSW Government.

Currently the scheme provides access to more than 60 prequalified suppliers.

Suppliers must fulfil specific requirements as set out by the Scheme. Suppliers are not restricted to a single category, as long as they can prove capabilities in any of the categories or sub-categories as outlined by the prequalification requirements.

Category options for scheme vendors is broad and covers spatial data, remote sensing equipment, surveying equipment and consulting services.

If you are interested in applying for the scheme, application documents can be found here. Further information about prequalification is available through Supplier Hub.


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