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Introducing Live NSW 

Our communities are built on the places that mean the most to us like our schools, homes, workplaces and where we spend our leisure time.

Live NSW’s Spatial Digital Twin combines government place-based information that can be used to make our communities stronger, safer, smarter and create more jobs.

It combines data to create 2D, 3D and 4D models in a variety of ways, providing real-world visual insights to support decision-making and planning for our communities. 

Using the power of telling a location’s story through visual representation, Live NSW cuts through language and access barriers like never before. 

How will Live NSW benefit our communities? 

Live NSW provides access to data from across NSW Government including emergency services, transport, schools, health services, utilities, environmental information and more. Live NSW brings all these sources together to create a single platform where anyone can find accurate and certified data.

The NSW Spatial Digital Twin makes sure available data is secure from unauthorised access. Dataset owners are responsible for maintaining, updating and managing access arrangements to make sure authorised users (from Government and industry) can collaborate on joint projects.

This has benefited neighbouring Local Government Areas through the sharing of asset information on common boundaries and when working on joint projects.

By sharing information, we can avoid data duplication and drive more efficient and effective government decision-making.

How is Live NSW helping communities across NSW?

Here are a few ways Live NSW is already being used:

Supporting Emergency Management

A key lesson from the NSW Bushfire inquiry into the 2019/20 fire season was that more accessible infrastructure and asset data is critical to inform faster and better decision-making in an emergency. 

Live NSW brings together datasets including asset information about bushfire prone areas, critical infrastructure such as telecommunications infrastructure, hazard reduction data and information provided by emergency services. 

By having this key information in one place, NSW emergency services has access to the latest spatial data from a single source. This can then assist during emergency management and risk assessment, as well as prevention and mitigation strategies. 

Improving planning and community engagement

Bathurst City Council partnered with NSW Government to develop the Bathurst Spatial Digital Twin. This 3D digital model of Bathurst CBD’s buildings and streetscapes helps users see disabled parking spots, off leash dog areas, park play equipment locations and more. In the future, the platform can also be used to host a number of smart city initiatives and engage with the local community during the planning and approval processes. 

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