Cadastre NSW

Cadastre NSW is a service for Local Government Authorities (LGAs) and state utility providers to capture and visualise the progress of subdivision developments across NSW. Cadastre NSW will increase efficiencies for planning and land development, while providing access to intelligent digital property data.

This service takes pre-registered plans of subdivision and performs a free capture, returning a spatial layer of proposed parcels through a secure Web Feature Service (WFS), allowing visualisation in mapping applications and population of property data prior to registration.


Local government and state utility users will experience the following benefits from the adoption of Cadastre NSW Proposed Layer:

  • Free capture and conversion service of pre-registered PDF and TIF plans into LandXML
  • Improved efficiency in capturing property data for new subdivisions and development
  • Reduced duplication of a proposed layer and provision of a uniform format for data
  • An earlier availability of council and utility services to new properties
  • Pre-allocation of addresses to support the development of an early address dataset for NSW
  • Reduced pressure on staff, as information can be captured in advance of plan registration
  • Customised configuration to councils’ needs to display relevant information only.

The benefits of Cadastre NSW extend beyond those experienced by local government. By capturing subdivision data from Development Application through to registration, Spatial Services will be able to monitor the lifecycle of property development. The Property Development Pipeline will leverage data from Cadastre NSW and other sources to provide real time insights in the stocks and flows of the property sector, while NSW will directly benefit with reduced land holding costs and downtime currently experienced in property development.

Cadastre NSW aims to provide this free service to all councils and state utilities across NSW. Our team will work with each council to develop a customised configuration to meet the needs and requirements of the council’s proposed layer data and tailor the system accordingly.

For more information about Cadastre NSW view the Cadastre NSW Information Sheet or contact the team at