Conversion software

Please enquire with your software provider for GDA2020 support and /or review the ICSM GDA2020 transformation products website.

The following applications are provided free of charge by Spatial Services to support datum modernisation.

Whilst all effort is made to ensure the accuracy and currency of these applications, Spatial Services does not accept responsibility for any actions arising from their use.

GridCalc (GDA2020) for NSW (including Combined Scale Factor calculation)

The GridCalc (GDA2020) for NSW spreadsheet package includes CSF calculation for GDA2020 and is available from ICSM’s GitHub repository (GridCalc_GDA2020_NSW.xlsm will require Microsoft Excel 2007 or later).

Spatial Collaboration Portal – Data Export

The DCS Spatial Collaboration Portal can export some DCS datasets in both GDA94 and GDA2020 (for example the ‘NSW Land Parcel Property Theme’ data). Refer to the ‘How-To Guides’ at the above link for more information.

Spatial Collaboration Portal – Projection Service

The Spatial Collaboration Portal ‘projection’ service can be used to project and transform point and polygon data.

Input Spatial Reference, Output Spatial Reference and Datum transformation parameters are specified by their ‘Well Known ID’ WKID values. A list of valid WKID is available in the relevant HELP sections at the above link (See Geometry Service > Project > Projected Coordinate Systems, Geographic Coordinate Systems and Geographic Transformations

Example transformations:

Examples transformations to WGS 84/Web Mercator

Custom transformations are also supported:

GEOD - Transformation software (No GDA94 - GDA2020 support)

GEOD is a Windows compatible program that transforms individual points or files of point data (csv, ssv, acs27) between various coordinate systems in use across Australia.

View more detailed information or download GEOD.

DatumTran - Transformation software (No GDA94 - GDA2020 support)

DatumTran is a Windows compatible program that transforms common GIS data files of grid or geographic coordinates between Australian Geodetic Datums (AGD66 / AGD84) and GDA94.

DatumTran (v1.6) also transforms between GDA94 and ITRF (International Terrestrial Reference Frame).

DatumTran (v1.6) supports many ASCII data file formats and also ESRI binary 'shape' files.

View more detailed information or download DatumTran.