Whole of Government Addressing

Citizens provide their residential addresses to government agencies on a daily basis. Whether applying for a driver’s licence, requesting a birth certificate or booking into hospital, an address is one of the primary pieces of information required on most government forms. Whole of Government Addressing was designed by Spatial Services to improve a customer’s experience when dealing with government agencies by offering high quality, real time address validation, reporting and analytics, ensuring a faster, smoother experience when providing addresses to government.

NSW Point: An address validation service used by NSW Government agencies to validate addresses at the time of entry into online forms. Benefits include, improved service delivery with ease of data entry by utilising predictive text to suggest addresses, and access to a comprehensive authoritative national address repository for validation of physical and postal addresses.

Service Point: A service that can facilitate advanced state-wide data analytics in real time for NSW Government, with the potential to revolutionise NSW Government reporting, empowering decision makers to deliver substantial service improvements to the public.

Bulk Address Validation: Spatial Services continues to support other government agencies through the provision of its NSW Point Bulk Address Validation service. This service has been developed for state government agencies to validate large volumes of address data and automatically authenticate them against authoritative state, national and (if required) postal address datasets.