Mark type and number

Each Permanent Survey Mark (PSM) in SCIMS consists of a two-letter Mark Type prefix and a Mark Number.

The Mark Type is one of the following:

TS Trigonometrical Station
SS State Survey Mark
PM Permanent Mark
CR Cadastral Reference Mark
GB Geodetic Bench Mark
MM Miscellaneous Survey Mark
CP Mapping Control Point

The Mark Type is followed by a number in the range 1 - 99999999. This may or may not be followed by a witness / eccentric mark number in the range 1 - 9. Mark Numbers above 87,200 are not duplicated. Cadastral Reference Marks (CRs) are only in the range from 500,000 – 599,999.

Cadastral Reference Marks (CRs) are recorded in SCIMS using a coordinate of known Class and a height of known Class. CRs do not have a Locality Sketch Plan to help surveyors to find the mark. The Deposited Plan or Crown Survey Plan will be needed to assist in the location of the mark.

Name In addition to the Trig Station mark type and number, a name is also used for all Trig Stations. If [P] appears at the end of the description, the station is monumented with a concrete or steel pillar.

Alias Used for cross-reference to mark identifiers issued by other organisations. Most Miscellaneous Marks will have an Alias recorded, usually referencing the identifier supplied by the organisation that originally placed the mark (e.g. MM 5807 at Uralla has an Alias “MR9/6301”).


SCIMS Online provides additional stored information, if known, in relation to the Status of the mark, described by one of the following codes:

Status Code Description Remarks
(D) Destroyed Evidence was found that the mark is destroyed
(F) Found Mark was found in good condition
(N) Not Found Mark was searched for, not found, but no evidence exists to indicate that it was destroyed
(R) Restricted Mark is in a restricted area and requires special permission for occupation. Use the Comments or Access Details found in the SCIMS Report for more information
(S) Subsidence Area Mark is located in an area identified as being subject to movement
(U) Uncertain Mark was found, however it was in an unstable condition or there was evidence that it had been disturbed or moved. Status will remain “uncertain” until verified by survey

More information on Survey Mark Status and how to report it can be found here.