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General Information

Station Name Braidwood Image of CORS Antenna
Partner(s) Palerang Council
Status (not a live update) Operational
CORSnet-NSW Release Date June 2011
Station Code BRDW
SCIMS Number TS 12140
Receiver LEICA GR30
Antenna LEIAR10         NONE
Antenna Height (ARP) 0.000 m
IGS Site Log Geoscience Australia

GNSS Tracking Settings


Note: ON = Available and Enabled, OFF = Available but Not Enabled, N/A = Not Available


CORSnet-NSW Coordinates


Datum Coordinate Source
X GDA2020 -4495635.519 Reg13
(PDF 818 kb)
Y GDA2020 2618078.703 Reg13
(PDF 818 kb)
Z GDA2020 -3678726.481 Reg13
(PDF 818 kb)
Latitude GDA2020 -35 26 47.33953 Reg13
(PDF 818 kb)
Longitude GDA2020 149 47 06.66902 Reg13
(PDF 818 kb)
Easting MGA2020
Zone 55
752797.430 Reg13
(PDF 818 kb)
Northing MGA2020
Zone 55
6073876.815 Reg13
(PDF 818 kb)
Derived AHD71 Height (2020) Approximate AHD71 659.905 h-N (DFSI Spatial Services Calculated)
N Value (2020) AUSGeoid2020 19.550 Geoscience Australia
Ellipsoidal Height GDA2020 679.455 Reg13
(PDF 818 kb)



Datum Coordinate Source
X GDA94 -4495634.624 Conformal transformation from GDA2020
Y GDA94 2618078.753 Conformal transformation from GDA2020
Z GDA94 -3678727.692 Conformal transformation from GDA2020
Latitude GDA94 -35 26 47.38561 Conformal transformation from GDA2020
Longitude GDA94 149 47 06.64947 Conformal transformation from GDA2020
Easting MGA94
Zone 55
752796.897 Conformal transformation from GDA2020
Northing MGA94
Zone 55
6073875.409 Conformal transformation from GDA2020
Derived AHD71 Height (2009) Approximate AHD71 659.926 h-N (DFSI Spatial Services Calculated)
N value (2009) AUSGeoid09 19.622 Geoscience Australia
Ellipsoidal Height GDA94 679.548 Conformal transformation from GDA2020

Note: These horizontal coordinates are equivalent to GDA94(2010) i.e. no distortions. They are different to those found in SCIMS Online, which are GDA94(1997) coordinates i.e. with distortions. The heights are different to those found in SCIMS Online, which are local AHD71 heights. SCIMS Online values for CORS are determined by local tie surveys which connect to the local survey control network.


GNSS Monitoring

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. GNSS Monitoring Graph © Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2020.
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Note: The above graph indicates the long-term stability of a CORS and does not represent actual daily movement. The results are calculated daily and trends are monitored. The diagrams shown are updated regularly. Daily differences in CORS position at the millimetre-level are within the limits (noise level) of current GNSS processing techniques.