EDM Baseline List

Armidale Testline (PDF 1.6 MB) Armidale Reg13 Cert (PDF 141.4 KB)
Bankstown Testline (PDF 386.4 KB)
Bankstown Reg13 Cert (PDF 336.5 KB)
Bankstown Testline is closed. Please use an alternate facility such as Lethbridge Park baseline for your EDM calibration.
Coffs Harbour Baseline (PDF 255.6 KB) Coffs Harbour Reg13 Cert (PDF 122.4 KB)
Dubbo Baseline (PDF 219.7 KB) Dubbo Reg13 Cert (PDF 122.5 KB)
Eglinton Baseline (PDF 217.0 KB) Eglinton Reg13 Cert (PDF 122.4 KB)
Kingscliff Baseline (PDF 209.9 KB) Kingscliff Reg13 Cert (PDF 115.2 KB)
Lethbridge Park Baseline (PDF 232.3 KB) Lethbridge Park Reg13 Cert (PDF 205.8 KB)
Nowra Testline (PDF 754.0 KB) Nowra Reg13 Cert (PDF 704.5 KB)
Seaham Baseline (PDF 232.6 KB) Seaham Reg13 Cert (PDF 206.1 KB)
Ulan Coal Baseline (PDF 1.7 MB)
Ulan Coal access and WHS documents (PDF 861.7 KB)
Ulan Coal Reg13 Cert (PDF 158.1 KB)
Wagga Testline (PDF 826.9 KB) Wagga Reg13 Cert (PDF 98.2 KB)
Wollongong Testline (PDF 1.1 MB) Wollongong Reg13 Cert (PDF 882.6 KB)


The Waston, ACT Baseline may be utilised by NSW surveyors for the calibration of their EDM instruments.