How Geoscape datasets are being used by NSW Government agencies

NSW Government agencies have used Geoscape data to create initiatives to support site identification and assessment for development and planning purposes to better support people and businesses across the State.   
Spatial Services, which sits under the NSW Department of Customer Service (DCS), leverages Geoscape data to develop 3D visualisation used in innovative programs such as Live NSW and the NSW Spatial Digital Twin.  
Geoscape creates a comprehensive representation of Australia’s built environment, using data to describe addresses, land, buildings and transport networks across the country.   
Since June 2022, DCS Spatial Services has had exclusive distribution rights to specific Geoscape datasets under NSW whole-of-government supply arrangements, to provide local and state government access to this data at no cost.   
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NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) - Land iQ  

Land iQ is a world first data platform designed to improve the planning system by helping NSW government agencies make faster, smarter decisions about the use of land.  
By accessing the Geoscape data through DCS Spatial Services, Land iQ were able to provide accurate data on building footprint/height and green/ground cover to support site identification and assessment.   
As a result, significant improvement was made to the time and costs associated in upfront strategic site assessment for development or strategic planning purposes. Other benefits included:  


  • A holistic and strategic approach to land use decision making.   
  • Enabling evidence-based decision making.   
  • Creating a centralised and comprehensive data register of relevant data sources.   
  • Providing a robust digital visualisation planning tool that leverages urban analytics to support scenario planning and business cases.   
  • Delivering an in-house solution and making it easier for government agencies to work together in a collaborative environment for sharing projects, datasets and developing scenarios to test potential use of land.   
  • Realising improved community outcomes.


Please reach out to us via our contact us page if you have any questions regarding accessing specific Geoscape datasets.  

Disclaimer: The example above was based on use cases developed by Geoscape.