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These services and applications are aimed at advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professional users with technical knowledge on web service development processes.

Additional web services are available via and a full list of products and services is described at  

The services listed below (i.e. those delivered from support requests in WGS 84 / Web Mercator only. Be aware that there is potential for metre-level data misalignment when combining WGS 84 data from different sources. Refer to for more information.  

Web service

Web service description

NSW Cadastre

The NSW Cadastre web service is a dynamic map of cadastral features extracted from the NSW Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB). See information sheet for more detail.

Metadata | Preview | Information Sheet (PDF 79.1 KB)

NSW Property

The NSW Property web service provides access to a polygon feature class that spatially represents an aspatial property description as provided by the Valuer Generals in their ValNet database.

Metadata | Preview | Information Sheet (PDF 75.8 KB)

NSW Imagery

The NSW Imagery web service provides access to a repository of standard imagery covering NSW, plus additional sourced imagery.

Metadata | Preview | Information Sheet (PDF 94.1 KB)

NSW Base Map

The NSW Base Map web service provides a seamless statewide map of roads, points of interest, localities, landform, drainage, cultural data, parks and forests, property boundaries and street address numbers.

Metadata | Preview | Information Sheet (PDF 92.4 KB)

NSW Points of Interest

The NSW Points of Interest (POI) web service provides the identification and location of a feature, service or activity that people may want to see, know about or visit.

Metadata | Preview | Information Sheet (PDF 86.2 KB)

NSW Administrative Boundaries

The NSW Administrative Boundaries web service is a dynamic map service of the administrative boundaries dataset e.g. local government areas, suburbs etc.

Metadata | Preview | Information Sheet (PDF 85.6 KB)

NSW Imagery Date

The NSW Imagery Date web service provides access to a repository of the footprint standard imagery covering NSW, plus additional sourced imagery.

Metadata | Preview | Information Sheet (PDF 91.4 KB)

NSW Address Location Service

The NSW Address Location Service allows the user to enter an address and it returns an unique and unambiguous identification of an address site and it's coordinate.

Metadata | Preview | Information Sheet (PDF 90.8 KB)

NSW Topographic Map

The NSW Topographic Map web service contains rasterised topographic maps covering NSW. This service displays the current standard Topographic maps from the 1:100,000; 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 series.

Metadata | Preview | Information Sheet (PDF 373.6 KB)

NSW Survey Control Management System (SCIMS)

This is a database that contains all of the coordinates, heights and related information for NSW survey marks that form the official State Survey Control Network (SCIMS).

NOTE: To be deprecated, for replacement services please click here.

Metadata | Preview | Information Sheet (PDF 158 KB)