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Web services

Web services have been released under open access licenses as part of the NSW Government Open Data Policy to support new and innovative uses of NSW Government information.

The web services allow users to access the most up to date information without having to store and maintain it in their own systems or applications. The web services can be used in multiple ways e.g. direct use, mashups, mobile apps and spatial systems.

Supported protocols

Web Services are available through:

Using Web Services

To use Web Services you need access to software which can communicate with the web services, such as an online web portal or a GIS application. The links below provide additional instructions on how to consume web services into commonly used spatial systems.

Web Services may also be used in your own custom GIS applications. Please refer to the Advanced User Guide for more advanced options.

Terms of use

By accessing any of available Spatial Web Services you acknowledge acceptance of Spatial Web Services Terms and conditions.

Data accessed through these Web Services are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution By Licence.

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Service notifications

There are no service notifications at this time.

Please refer to Web Services - Current performance and availability status.

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