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Cadastral data

Spatial Services Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB) consists of 46 tables or layers, representing different aspects of land and property boundaries in NSW.

Key types of data include:

  • Governmental boundaries such as Local Government Areas, State and Federal Electoral Districts, and other Administrative Areas
  • Property boundaries including lots within deposited plans and strata plans
  • Suburbs
  • Proclaimed boundaries for State Forests, National Park & Wildlife Reserves and Local Land Services
  • Road corridors and centrelines
  • Boundaries of bodies of water

The data was developed originally from paper maps and plans and is constantly updated based on registration of land transactions in NSW, as well as changes in administrative boundaries.

Data users can arrange to receive the entire DCDB, receive a subset of tables, or data for select parts of the state.

You can learn more about the DCDB by visiting the NSW Spatial Data Catalogue.

A full description of the data model features can be found in the Cadastral Data Dictionary (PDF 1.0 MB).

Web Services

Spatial Services is now providing spatial data as web services. The web services have been released under open access licenses as part of the NSW Government Open Data Policy to support new and innovative uses of NSW Government information.

The web services allow users to access the most up to date information without having to store and maintain it in their own systems or applications. The web services can be used in multiple ways e.g. direct use, mashups, mobile apps and spatial systems.

Purchase datasets

To purchase cadastral datasets go to the Spatial Services portal.


For enquiries about acquiring data from the DCDB, please contact us at

For further information on the model and any requests for softcopy documentation, please contact or +61 2 6332 8287.

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