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Orthorectified imagery

Because of the earth’s curvature, photos taken from the air do not fit exactly over a map of the same area. The orthorectification process adjusts the photo to match the coordinate values represented in a map, effectively creating a flat-earth version of the photo. The resulting product is spatially accurate and is useful in any process which requires overlaying a map with an aerial image.

Orthorectified mosaics in 1:100,000 mapping blocks are available as GIS-ready files (produced from 1999-2011).

GIS ready files

The imagery files are provided in compressed ECW format. They come with control files that support use in MapInfo or ER Viewer.

Control files

All files come with:

Mapinfo tab file with MGA coordinates (GDA94 Datum)

ER Viewer file with MGA coordinates (GDA 94 Datum)


As aerial photography flights are made - see Flight Program (PDF 1.5 MB), current orthorectified images are becoming available from the areas flown. These are generally in the Eastern and Central Divisions. Some older images are also available. Contact us to learn more.


Files are usually provided on DVD. Orders covering large geographic extents may require provision of an external hard drive.

Contact us

To specify the location you want and to order your photos, or for more information, contact us:

T: +61 2 6332 8287


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