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Order aerial photos

Spatial Services has regularly captured aerial photography since 1947 through to the present date. When you place your aerial photo order, please advise:


To enable us to accurately locate the location and extent of your aerial image you can illustrate the extent of your aerial image on:

alternately you can use the:

  • lot and deposited plan number (title reference) - if you don’t know the title reference, use the NSW LRS Online portal free street address inquiry or use SIX Maps to find out the title reference
  • street address
  • latitude and longitude and the distance around those coordinates you want captured.

Please specify if you want the entire aerial photo frame, which contains your location, or an enlargement centered on the location you’ve identified.

For photographic prints, enlargements have a higher price.

Date of imagery

Your order needs to specify the year(s) you want your photo dated from.

  • Do you want the most recent aerial photos of your requested location?
  • Do you want photos dating from a particular year or years?
  • Do you want Spatial Services to contact you and advise if photos are available for a particular year and location?

In Eastern areas of NSW, aerial photos have been taken approximately every five years between 1947 to the present date. In Western areas of the state, photos are taken approximately every ten years.

If the requested image is not available, please advise if you want a photo from the nearest year available.

Spatial imagery for GIS Systems

Read more about our spatial data if you want to acquire digital imagery covering an extended area for use in a Geographical Information System (GIS).


To make an enquiry:

T: +61 2 6332 8287

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