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Mapping and imagery

Geospatial data is gathered from ground surveys, aerial and satellite imagery and is used to produce a wide range of digital and hard copy products and services.

Spatial Services offers a range of maps, spatial datasets, aerial photography and other imagery of NSW, which you can view and / or purchase online.

Spatial Services is now providing spatial data as web services. The web services have been released under open access licenses as part of the NSW Government Open Data Policy to support new and innovative uses of NSW Government information. The web services allow users to access the most up to date information without having to store and maintain it in their own systems or applications. The web services can be used in multiple ways e.g. direct use, mashups, mobile apps and spatial systems.

Access products

Our most popular mapping and imagery products can be accessed through these quick links.

Web Services

Access the following spatial datasets as web services:

  • NSW Imagery
  • NSW Base Map
  • NSW Points of Interest
  • NSW Administrative Boundaries
  • NSW Imagery Date
  • NSW Address Location Service
  • NSW Cadastre
  • NSW Property
  • NSW Topographic Map

Topographic maps

Purchase topographic maps through the Spatial Services portal.

Topographic and cadastral datasets

Datasets can be purchased through the Spatial Services portal.

More information

See the Mapping and spatial services information sheet (PDF).

For a general overview of maps, mapping, cartography and map production see the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) Fundamentals of Mapping which provides a consolidated summary of mapping concepts, principles and practice.

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