Meet our Executive


Bruce Thompson, Executive Director Spatial Services

Bruce Thompson is Executive Director, Spatial Services. He is responsible for the State’s geodetic and positioning infrastructure and for its spatial and mapping functions.

Bruce has twenty-five years’ experience in the spatial sector, in the Queensland, Victorian and New South Wales governments. He is the Chair of the Australia New Zealand Land Information Council (ANZLIC) and a Director of PSMA Australia.


Wayne Patterson, Director Spatial Operations

Wayne Patterson is the Director of Spatial Operations, Spatial Services. Wayne and his team are responsible for the production and maintenance of NSW Foundation Spatial Data.

Wayne has twenty plus years’ experience in the spatial industry. He is the NSW ANZLIC contact officer, and a member of the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM).


Lars Hansen, Director Information Services

Lars Hansen is the Director of Information Services, Spatial Services. Lars and his team are responsible for the management and processing of digital data and the information technology platforms that support the Spatial Services business.

Lars spent more than thirty years as a consultant working on state, national and international projects focussed on the management, processing and delivery of spatial information before joining Spatial Services in 2006. He is committed to the vision of Spatial Services being the centre of excellence for NSW in all matters spatial.


Narelle Underwood, Surveyor General and Director Survey Operations

Narelle Underwood is the Surveyor-General of NSW, a major role within the state government responsible for the leadership and regulation of the land and mining surveying profession. Narelle has fifteen years’ surveying experience in both private industry and state government. Legislated responsibilities of the Surveyor-General include:

  • President of the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI)
  • Chair of the Geographical Names Board (GNB)
  • State control survey (including SCIMS, POSI (PDF 2.7 MB) and CORSnet-NSW)
  • Federal and State electoral boundaries redistribution panel
  • Verifying authority for the measurement of length

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