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Spatial Services implements and monitors standards for the survey industry in NSW. It does this by conduct of examination surveys in known areas of unreliable survey data and audit surveys of recently lodged plans. In addition, LPI has legislative responsibilities to resolve boundary disputes.

An essential tool for surveyors, State Control Survey data is available to registered users online, as well as by traditional methods. A comprehensive network of permanent marks with known latitude, longitude and height, the State Control Survey provides certainty and confidence when establishing property locations, boundaries and the construction of public infrastructure.

Mapping and spatial information

Spatial Services converts the wealth of land data it collects into a comprehensive and authoritative range of online and hard copy mapping products and services. These products and services help support a vast range of community, business and government activity - everything from tourism and land management, to electoral boundaries and bush fire control.

As the official source of land information for NSW, Spatial Services is responsible for maintaining a digital cadastral map of the State, which shows legal and other approved boundaries applying to land, as well as a digital topographic map, which shows its physical and surface features.

It also provides aerial photography, satellite imagery, addressing information, touring maps and a unique customised mapping service that tailors spatial information to meet specific needs.

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